How to change my password2021-06-19T17:53:26+08:00
How can I view my orders2021-06-19T17:53:16+08:00
How do I change my password?2021-06-19T18:10:31+08:00
Can I choose my delivery date2021-06-19T17:54:18+08:00

Please note under the order notes, we’ll try to do our best to send according to your needs

How to shop online2021-06-19T17:56:10+08:00
  1. Move toShopping page
  2. Select product you liked
  3. Select the necessaries
  4. Check your Cart
  5. Fill in the necessaries
  6. Checkout with credit card
I want to know about DIY salads2021-06-19T17:57:12+08:00
How to buy multiple salad sets, with different flavors2021-06-19T17:59:07+08:00
  1. Select a product > choose flavors > add to cart
  2. Select another product > choose flavors > add to cart
  3. View Cart
  4. Checkout

It will be sent all together

How to register an account?2021-06-19T18:13:27+08:00
  1. Go to “My Account page
  2. Fill in your Email > and click register
  3. You are now logged in
  4. Go to My account page to change your password

Important: Please at this point check your email, you will receive an email with a password as well

How to make DIY salads2021-06-19T17:59:46+08:00
How do we deliver the salads2021-06-19T18:01:11+08:00

We use low temperature delivery

Free delivery requirement2021-06-19T18:01:37+08:00

Over 1200, free deliver

What are the payment methods?2021-06-19T18:02:14+08:00
  • Bank transfer or Credit card
Do I need an member account to shop online?2021-06-19T18:03:42+08:00

No, but we strongly suggest to register one, so that you wont need to fill in all the details again.

Where are the flavors for Breads?2021-06-19T18:04:23+08:00
Are all the salads cold?2021-06-19T18:04:55+08:00

Yes, they are all cold salads

What are the product prices2021-06-19T18:06:02+08:00

Price – View Here

Flavors and product listView Here

Where are the stores and what time it operates?2021-06-19T18:08:50+08:00
How to buy TG salad?2021-06-19T18:15:43+08:00
  1. Approach counter and order, e.g. a salad or a bread
  2. Make payment
  3. Select your salad flavors or bread flavors
Open for Franchise?2021-06-19T18:16:25+08:00

Yes, please contact us

Contact Us page
We will then contact you.

Can make a preorder before heading to shops?2021-06-19T18:16:59+08:00

Yes please contact each shop to make the orders.

Do we have delivery?2021-06-19T18:19:00+08:00

Yes, ubereats or foodpanda check on each store.

Any special orders can be made Here

Breads can be hotpressed?2021-06-19T18:19:52+08:00

Yes, you can also eat it without hot pressed.

About TG breads?2021-06-19T18:20:58+08:00

We have panini, baguette, sandwich, croissant, and wraps, each with different flavors to choose from

Salads are Vegans?2021-06-19T18:21:50+08:00

Not all our salads are for vegans, please check our food page for more details

What do we sale2021-06-19T18:22:40+08:00

Salads, breads, drinks, poke bowls

Fresh, Speedy and Tasty

Why do we call ourselves TG2021-06-19T18:23:19+08:00

TG = The Greenery

What is it about TG day2021-06-19T18:24:55+08:00

Every 12th is TG day, we celebrate our founding date and encourage more fresh goods in your life.

Therefore everything is 15% off! Come over every 12th


What is special about TG salad2021-06-19T18:26:10+08:00

Each with different flavors, taste, and nutrition. Call us salad experts, we deliver the best salad tastes!

We don’t weight our food, we fill up all containers2021-06-19T18:27:13+08:00

We focus on nutrition and the salads you like, instead of it’s weight.

Salad portion with our containers?2021-06-19T18:27:53+08:00

small – 400ml

medium – 500ml

large – 600ml

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